What do we do!

We have created a digital platform for event organizers and attendees to create, publicize, advertise, and sell event tickets online, to make attendees enjoy not just the event but the journey.

Our Vision

Revolutionizing the Event Industry

Why did we create MN ALE ADDIS? There are more than 700 events happening every year only in Addis Ababa. Out of this, more than 98% of them use paper tickets to invite and sell their tickets. How do we satisfy this potential market eco-friendly? How can we make a difference? 

Our Mission

Easy. Fun. Reliable.Secure

We’ve come up with a platform that will help attendees pick an event, book, pay and go. We also have created an organizer’s platform to connect their events with data analytic charts.


We aspire to give a full event experience

We help you to enjoy not just the event, but also the journey to attend it.

“Our main job at Mn ale Addis is to connect attendees to their favorite events”

Sifan Tilahun, CEO

Our Focus


Business Growth

Post your event on Mn ale Addis and get real time analysis for your perfect business decision.


Pioneer to the Market

Mn Ale Addis is the first startup to create a two-in-one platform joining e-ticketing and data analytics.


Time is Money

Book using Mn Ale Addis and save your time, money and also buy your safety.



Security is our motto, we have made e-ticketing not just fun and convenient but hard to copy and scam.


For Every Speaker

Our platform is designed to entertain in every language from all parts of the world.



Created by us, For You



Buy / Reserve

Buy any ticket at anytime or reserve a ticket in advance.


Realtime Analysis

Don’t worry about who attended, how they felt or what you should do next, because we will present real time event analysis.


Get Refund in Not Time

Sign-up for ticket insurance and get your refund right away.


Make discovering your hobby

Dive into the ocean of events an pick the one for you and personalize as your own.

Our Leadership

Sifan Tilahun

Co Founder and Project Leader

Samuel A. Kebede

Co-Founder & Finance and Creativity Head

Zablon Dereje

Co-Founder & Lead Software Development Head

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Amazing team members

Doing amazing job everyday